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10 Minute Set-Up Time & ZERO Extra Work Increases Your Subscriber Open Rates by 1000% Using Cutting Edge Cloud-Based Weaponry (Technology)

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Steeply discounted lifetime Charter Accounts for this revolutionary SMS platform will not begin selling until July 21st. You are invited through access to this exclusive Outrigue web site to get on the early bird list and lock in the most extensive bonuses available with this launch. Learn more about Text Deliver below and make sure you optin for Early Bird status below.

So What Exactly is TextDeliver?

What is the one thing people never ignore? It certainly isn't an email message or phone call anymore. People completely ignore those 90% of the time. The answer is a text message.

That's right. Text messages have a near 100% open rate. On top of that over 90% are read within as little as a few seconds of sending.

The problem for marketers has been managing text messaging campaigns, building lists and complying with SMS rules. Services available are either too feature poor or much too expensive to pencil out for most internet marketers.

That All Changes With TextDeliver!

Text Deliver has brought SMS marketing within the reach of regular Internet Marketers, now being able to access what big companies were only able to capitalize on prior. The deliverability and user engagement seen from SMS marketing still amazes me. Great job on the app! TextDeliver's everything you need for a streamlined autoresponder platform, that brings very real results!

Here's Some Facts about SMS

Incredible! Right?

We have been using text message marketing services and software for about the last 10 years. It worked well but seemed to always require lots fussing and was fairly difficult to manage. This often kept us from working on the tasks that actually make money.

This really changes with TextDeliver. It includes everything you need to create, manage and execute efficient text messaging campaigns without the technical fussing and worry about complying with SMS rules. Best of all with this Early Bird release you will have an opportunity to get the service as an unlimited charter lifetime account (see the release for any restrictions).

Check out these features:

  • Add/Import Subscribers
  • Manage Subscriber List just like an email campaign
  • Create and manage text keywords
  • Create Automated Messaging Sequences
  • One Click Broadcast to Selected or all Subscribers
  • Automatic Timezone Detection and Release
  • Seamless integration with major SMS Marketing Platforms such as twilio, CallRail and CallFire
  • Text to Join Campaigns - People text and keyword to a number to subscriber and get a coupon, message or link.
  • 100% TPCA & CTIA Compliant
  • Ongoing Training & 24/7 Support

Text Deliver Benefits
(to the modern marketing warrior)

Unlimited Number of Subscribers

You will not be charged by the size of your list like aweber and getresponse.

Smart Scheduling

Send messages when they are likely to be read in multiple time zones.


Monitor and edit any campaign in any of your client's accounts.

Marketing Insights

Analyze subscriber interaction, time to click, what they click and more.

Send Direct Replies

direct from your dashboard.

Integration Options

Text Deliver integrates with industry leaders

Point-Click Interface

Set up, manage and execute multiple campaigns simply and easily.

Professional 24/7 Online Support

Text Deliver offers online training and 24/7 professional support.

No Monthly Fees

Getting lifetime access is just that. Updates, new features and service enhancements included.


Text Deliver will be offering a 30 day 100% satisfaction guarantee with any service purchased during this promotion.


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